New Orleans, LA (part un)

I was lucky enough to visit New Orleans, LA this past August (!) for some photography. I went with few plans and even fewer expectations and only one solid site on my photography ‘to-do’ list. I knew I would figure it out when we (my brother and I) arrived. What I got to see, photograph and experience in Nawlins’ was something wonderful. Despite what my best guesses might have been, the people of New Orleans are the proudest I have encountered. My lack of attachment to any certain zip code has always made it hard for me to relate to people who feel more attached to a particular locale. But the splendid folks I met in New Orleans made me wish I didn’t have to leave this kooky southern city.

My brother and I stayed at a hostel because I love hostels and I thought it would be a great experience for him. With the lack of hostel accommodations in most of the States, I was pleasantly surprised to find more than one hostel option in New Orleans. I read a bunch of reviews, glanced through pictures and then booked with India House Hostel. This place is wonderful. There was an ecletic mix of people of all ages and origins as you would hope to find at a hostel. We stayed in a newer part of the hostel which was clean, comfortable and nicer than what we had expected. It is right off of the trolley stop and close to the French Quarter. Although I never felt unsafe, I will mention that the hostel is on the edge of a neighborhood that I wouldn’t hang around in at night (like much of New Orleans). If you like hostels and you’re going to New Orleans, I would definitely recommend this place. It was an awesome first hostel experience for my brother!

To see the complete set, check out my flickr gallery:

New Orleans, LA, a set on Flickr.


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