Youngs Chapel- Ben Hill County, GA

Of all the different types of photography I shoot, I must confess that I most enjoy exploring and capturing abandoned structure and decay. It’s partly the adventure, the unknown, the history and the recognition that few others will have the opportunity to see what I am seeing first hand. My search for abandoned and historic architecture is most thrilling when I have the time to meander aimlessly in the rural south looking for remnants of a slower, simpler time.

With a bit of preliminary research, a handy gps and some gut instincts, this stuff isn’t as hard to find as you might think. I headed to Georgia and dirt road after dirt road through cotton field after cotton field led me to this gem. Literally in the middle of nowhere, Youngs Chapel stands abandoned with nothing but cotton as far as the eye can see. There is little information available online in regards to this little beauty, but I know it was built in the 1890s and operated as a Methodist church. I couldn’t help but wonder who attended this church or how they got there so long ago as it seems to be the only structure of its time (or any!) to be in the area.

With the piano still sitting in the chapel and a small (and still maintained) cemetery in the back, you can envision church-goers wandering slowly up the dirt path to Sunday service so long ago.

To see more photos from the set, check out my flickr gallery:


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