Abandoned Six Flags

On a whim this past Summer, my brother and I took a roadtrip to New Orleans. We were excited to explore a new city together, to eat good food and to hear live music. But these were all added bonuses to the real reason we traveled 533 miles. Standing in the middle of the Crescent City is the graveyard of a theme park. Abandoned in all its glory. Upon first seeing a set of photos from this place, I knew I had to go.

Six Flags New Orleans (once called Jazzland) stood only a few miles from Lake Ponchartrain and suffered immense damage during Hurricane Katrina. The irreparable destruction came in the following days as 53 levee breaches devastated the city. Because of its proximity to Lake Pontchartrain, the park had little hope to survive the ensuing flood. Six Flags sat under 4-7 feet of water for more than a month before it could be fully drained. Most of the parks rides and structures still stand, bearing a moldy reminder of the water that once took over the park.

In 2006, the insurance company for the park declared it a ‘total loss.’ Since then, the park has been tied up in various pending deals with developers that have never quite panned out. So the park stands there, waiting to be built up, or torn down. All the safes have been looted, vandals have tagged 50% of the park and thieves have taken most of the signs that were left. But as we wandered through the park, I was struck by the amount of employee belongings that were left behind in offices and lockers. A bicycle in the security office, pairs of shoes, a thermos and a cooler in the employee break room. In an accounting office above a ride I found a dry erase board with a hotline for employees to call to find out when to return to work after the storm. I couldn’t help but think of the theme park employee who spelled out ‘Closed for Storm’ on the marquees and had no idea that those letters would still be there 5 years later.  These people all imagined that they would return within a few days to their jobs, and life as usual. The hurricane had other plans for this place.


To see more from Six Flags New Orleans, check out my flickr set: Amusements Abandoned.


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