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60 Years of Solitude

As I plow through 2,000 photos from the past two months of travel, I keep going back to this odd little spot on the map that I encountered in rural California. Just outside the world-renowned wine producing areas in Napa and Sonoma counties lies a long-forgotten town. Once a stop for quicksilver miners, Pope Valley is spotted with historic yet peculiar landmarks from another time. Mostly uninhabited today, much of what I encountered was abandoned and seemed out of place. I am working to find more history on the area while getting the photos ready for a full blog post.

In the meantime, one of the most interesting objects I found was this vehicle at the end of an unpaved dirt mountain road with nothing else nearby. I am almost positive this is a 1950’s (maybe late 1940’s model) but I’m not sure of the make. Anybody out there on the interwebs know what kind of car this is?

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