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Forgotten Florida (part two)


They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I am here to tell of just a tale. After two cross-country roadtrips and the opportunity to soak up 22 states, I have been the fortunate recipient of what my elders might call perspective. Each region of this great nation has its charms, quirks, beauty and history. Each of them valuable and significant. Each of them teaching me more and more to be proud and more connected to my own part of this nation. If I was writing this blog 10 years ago you would be reading an incredibly different story. The South that I left was filled with mystery and familiarity, all at once.

The West which I discovered was mysterious, exciting and incredibly expensive. I had dreams about the Sunshine State, obsessed over lost opportunities to explore and found myself missing the charming and intriguing history of the South. I daydreamed about where I’d go in Georgia the next time I had the chance. About the beautiful buildings of South Carolina that I would re-visit and of the remnants of Florida’s storied past.


[Almost as though I had neglected it myself, I returned immediately to the place where this whole journey began]

More than a year after starting this blog and only months after I had left the South for new sites, I am back in my home state. Back in the South and back to the photography and research of what I love. Folks, here is Forgotten Florida (part two).

[Abandoned Train Depot in Central Florida]


[Forgotten from the ’50s]






Forgotten Florida (part one)

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