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Mystery from 1905


After many visits to this same ‘ghost-town’ in Alachua County Florida, I must know more about this perfect little home that sits on an old dirt road lined in drooping Spanish Moss Trees. It’s a glimpse of Old Florida if I’ve ever seen one.


I have begun my research into the history of the property and the family who lived there, but have thus far, come up short. I do know that the home was constructed in 1905 complete with outhouse in the back. It sits in Rochelle, FL and could probably tell some fantastic stories of time few remember. The pitched tin roof, over-hanging porch and chimney on the right side are exemplary of the Frame Vernacular style that was popular at this time.


In a post by another flickr photographer, I found this home listed as the Bradley residence of Rochelle, FL. He had obtained his information from the Property Appraisers site. Is anyone from Rochelle? Or know of the Bradley Family from that area?

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