Abandoned in an Orchard


On January 3 1850, John and Ophelia married in Edgefield, SC; he was 29 and she was 19. Before the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, they would have had 5 children.John left to fight in the war and although he made it home to his family, his brother in law Nathan lost his life at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. John and Ophelia would have one more child in Edgefield in 1866 just after the end of the war.By the 1870’s, this family has found itself in Putnam County Florida. In 1879, their daughter Laura has married Franklin, who built the home you see below in the same year. Franklin’s father also fought in the Civil War but died in battle at Mufreesboro, TN.


The home, which sits on an expansive Pecan grove, still belongs to relatives of these Edgefield, SC descendants.

[Putnam County, FL c. 1879]



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2 responses to “Abandoned in an Orchard”

  1. Richard Denson says :

    Where in Edgefield is this home? What road is it off of….I do not recognize?



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