Memory of a simpler time…

Ben Hill Church 4The first time I had the privilege of stepping foot in this church, I knew the 183 mile trip to get there was more than worth it. This place stands in cotton country and reminds of a time when things were simpler.

Ben Hill Church 6The hollow acoustics inside echo with the sounds of the birds who have made their homes in the rafters. The piano sits amongst the original pews and this single chair that stood next to the altar. Just beyond this window are the headstones of the church’s original members.

Ben Hill Church Built shortly after the Civil War, this rural church was founded by a community of farmers and their families. For many, It was time to rebuild and start over and these families were doing just that.
They couldn’t have known the changes and challenges that would lie ahead. There was no way for them to foresee that within 100 years, this place would become too isolated, too disconnected. Wars had been fought, industry had shifted and life had changed. This very simple old church house was no longer relevant for the congregation it had once served.

Ben Hill Church 2I wonder who sat here last and what memories they could share of this place. I think about all of the ceremonies, celebrations, funerals and life that happened here. What will the next 100 years hold for this place?

Ben Hill Church 7[Ben Hill County, GA c. 1875]


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One response to “Memory of a simpler time…”

  1. Chris Grieco-Deen says :

    Where in Georgia is this church? This is very heartening and your prose is very beautiful. I can almost feel myself there with your descriptions in my ear.


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