Nothing left but the railroad


For more than 130 years, locomotives have rolled by this home in a town that once was. The Florida Peninsular Railroad came through here transporting goods and packing materials grown and made here by this small community. A school was built, congregations were founded and in the early 1880’s, this home was built by one of the town’s first residents, W.H. Kayton.


As time passed, industry shifted and businesses came and went. Unlike many of the towns that surround it, this place was able to remain viable through crop freezes, World Wars and economic depression. A large brick factory operated here until well in to the 1940’s, when time finally caught up to this sleepy rural community and the wheels of progress took jobs elsewhere.


The train still passes here everyday, but no one is left to see or hear it.

[Alachua County, c. 1880’s]



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2 responses to “Nothing left but the railroad”

  1. Merald Clark says :

    Hi! What town are we talking about?


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