Long Lost in Levy

Long Lost in Levy_1

From where I stood on the quiet rural road that leads to this place, it was hard to imagine this home as it once might have looked. The tattered screens, missing windows and leaning foundation paint a crooked grin on this broken memory.


Long Lost in Levy

The exterior marks from years of weather and neglect tell a sad story but just inside, there is a different tale this place has to tell.

Long Lost in Levy

[Original wooden interior paneling in the first bedroom]Long Lost in Levy

[Doorway from common room to kitchen]

Long Lost in Levy[Second bedroom]

Long Lost in Levy[The remains of the interior plumbing, which was added after original construction]

Long Lost in Levy[Whose hands turned these knobs?]

Long Lost in Levy[Close to collapse, the interior hallway of this enclosed dog-trot is almost completely exposed]

Long Lost in Levy[The detail work is evident in these hand-hewn interior panels which line every wall in the home]

Long Lost in Levy

Long Lost in Levy

Long Lost in Levy

Long Lost in Levy_3


[The view from the front porch. I suspect it looks much like it did for a family here so many years ago]

Almost as if it had a secret to protect, the surrounding woods enveloped and hid this place from view for more years than the locals can remember, until the property was recently cleared, uncovering this incredible glimpse into another time.

What memories does she keep? Is there anyone left to recall them? There must be a story here, I just wish I knew it.

Long Lost in Levy

“Sometimes even the ugliest of things turn out to be beautiful, if you look at them the right way.”

[Levy County, FL c. late 1800’s]


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20 responses to “Long Lost in Levy”

  1. Tammie says :

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Janice Staggs says :

    Not to far gone, would be beautiful to fix up, land is beautiful too.


    • Kelly says :

      The entire homesite is gorgeous with incredible trees providing lots of shade. Although it would take quite a chunk of money to reinforce the floor of the home and repair the roof, I do think it would be possible. But you would have to be a very dedicated and ambitious soul!


  3. Jan Mines Dodd says :

    just a lovely place. wish someone would reclaim the materials and put them to good use. the surrounding trees are beautiful and the view from the porch to the beautiful tree where surely children played is magnificent. thank you for sharing and giving us pause to ponder the past.


  4. Allen says :

    I know the family that owns this and that used to live there


    • Kelly says :

      Allen, can you please share any info you have? I would greatly appreciate it. Please send me a private message (farenoughfarenough@gmail.com) or respond here.


    • Mosser TeresaandJimmy says :

      would love to see pics when it had its family in it. I know it was beautiful. Where is this at. What town and state. I must have missed it if it was on the post. thanks for sharing Kelly it is an awesome find. Teresa


      • Kelly says :

        This home is in Levy County, FL which is in the North Central part of the state. If you’d like to know more specific location information, please send me a private message 🙂


  5. Karin says :

    Beautiful! I wish I had found it. Being a photographer myself, I can really appreciate this. Thank you for this vision.


  6. Chris says :

    Definitely should be restored before its too late !


  7. Angie Harper says :

    I loved how you uncovered uncommon beauty!


  8. Fred says :

    Thanks for your eye to beauty. Do you know anything about the Half Moon school? Grandmother attended in the late 1890’s into 1900’s.


    • Linda Everson Kasicki says :

      Half Moon school was moved years ago to Morningside Park in Gainesville. I remember reading a Gainesville Sun newspaper article about it years ago. Might even still have the article somewhere!


  9. Larry Reynolds says :

    I swear, just for a second, I could see children playing and swinging from a tire swing from that view from the porch. Than it just faded away. So sad.


  10. Dori Lloyd says :

    Do you ever come across gravesites? family cemeteries on the property that you photograph?


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