125 years young


Construction began on this beauty around 1889 and was completed in 1900. Its builder, Daniel Morgan, was a prominent businessman in the timber and turpentine industries, as well a county commissioner and postmaster. Built of all Heart Pine and trimmed in Cypress, it has 10 rooms as well as a separate, detached structure housing the kitchen and dining room. But Daniel would have very little time to enjoy his beautiful home, as he was killed in a logging accident in 1901.


The home was purchased 5 years later but another turpentine and timber family, the Townsends. Sometime before 1919, their family moved the home from a nearby lakeside to the spring head at the top of a picturesque river run where it sits now. But soon after moving it, the Townsend family would part with the home selling it to another Marion County family. Since then, it has at times been a clubhouse, a hunting lodge, a private residence, and in the more recent years, just sat as a vacant reminder of long ago.


In December of 2012, it was again sold, this time to a local family who is working diligently to repair, renovate, and restore the gorgeous place as a bed and breakfast.

At 125 years young, the strength of her bones is still evident. It is truly an incredible place with a long history and hopefully an even longer future thanks to the dedication of those working to restore it.

[Marion County, FL c. 1889]



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One response to “125 years young”

  1. Billie Standley says :

    Beautiful Home. Good luck for the future.


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