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Home is where the hearts are

matchett webster bw

This charming old Florida home sits in a pasture set back from the road, reluctantly showing her aging beauty. The board and batten addition to the right, the pitch of the roof, and the curtains still hanging in the windows tell us parts of the story, but if you look closely, another unique detail presents itself: heart-shaped carvings in the fascia boards! In this case, home really is where the heart is.

From friend of Far Enough Richard Fussell MacKenzie:
“This home is near the Matchett Cemetery. The other side has a porch where the front door is located. This home was built in the late 1800’s. The heart-shaped cutouts were made with great skill. My aunt Minnie Fussell Wade lived there with her husband George Wade. They had a son named Jake Wade. Aunt Minnie was the daughter and oldest child of William Jacob and Rebecca Fussell, my great-great grandparents.”

[Sumter County, FL c. late 1800’s]

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