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Piney Crossroads Schoolhouse


In its early development, this land was nothing more than a crossroads of piney woods and a new track of rail. By the 1890s, settlers were steadily arriving from the Carolinas and in 1897, a settlement was established here at Gretna.


(Turn of the century turpentine operation in Gretna- Photo Courtesy of the

Florida Memory Project)

The town was platted in 1905 and in 1908, the land for the school was deeded to the School Board by the Humphrey & Mahaffey Families. This building would serve to teach through Junior High grades until 1935.

General Collection

Group of students and principal pose for a photo on the school house c. 190?

(Photo courtesy of the Florida Memory Project)

It has since been used as a clinic, community center, Shriner’s Club, and church hall.



[Gadsden County, FL c. early 1900’s]

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