I am an historian. I am a photographer. I am an explorer. My name is Kelly and like most people I know nowadays, I am a wearer of many hats. I am a researcher, a lover of fonts and a music geek. Travel and new people excite me. I do my crosswords in pen.

I am now based in Austin, TX but I travel extensively throughout the Southern United States to explore the history-rich area around me. Far Enough Photo is my outlet to share my passion for architectural, historic and travel photography with you fine folks. Abandoned structures intrigue me. Uncovering their histories and the people who left them behind drives me to pursue this very specific subject matter, and to catalog these disappearing structures for later.

To read more about Kelly and the Far Enough Photo project, check out the links below:

Far Enough Photo on Atlas Obscura

Far Enough Photo in the Huffington Post

Far Enough Photo in the Gainesville Sun Newspaper

Far Enough Photo Interview on Abandoned Florida 


13 responses to “About”

  1. Phil Trotter says :

    I enjoy your work.


  2. Jody Maltzman says :

    Hi Kelly! Your photos are fabulous! I just sent you an e-mail to see if you can aid in the filming of the indie movie Lean Times…


  3. ann says :

    I enjoyed the article in the Gainesville Sun and the photo of McIntosh. If you will notice there is a old two story house (now painted pink) in that same area. That was the McIntosh Hospital. I was born there and my brother and sister.We were raised in Micanopy. It is privately owned now and not sure how much of the inside is original. If you ever travel to the Flemington area around Micanopy you will find many of the old “cracker” style houses. I love taking pic of those too. A Florida History Lover


  4. gloria says :

    Found your Far Enough photos by way of Historic FLA II. And spent at least an hour scrolling through your pictures. Absolutely gorgeous. But the histories you provide with each photo is just as good. Thanks. I’ll be back.


  5. Marcus says :

    Hi Kelly, I love your photos. I think you should come visit Canada and take some photos!




  6. steven marshall says :

    Great to meet someone Like you Kelly. Im a Florida Cracker and Find your work Fasinating. The Photos Are top notch but adding The History of the places Makes the Photos come alive. Seems Like Your taking a walk through Long forgotten Lives and Places, And I thank you for letting me come along.


    • Kelly says :

      Thanks so much for your message, Steven. I work very hard on both my photography and research and writing for this project and a big reason for it is people like you who enjoy coming along for a virtual ‘ride’ at least!


  7. sardonick says :

    Words don’t do the photos justice. Soul.


  8. E.M. Killaley says :

    When my grandparents got married, they loaded their wedding presents and possessions into their car and a trailer, and started to drive from Pennsylvania down to Florida. Somewhere along the way one of the wheels on the trailer malfunctioned or got a flat, and they managed to find a nearby barn whose owner agreed to let them leave the trailer inside. For some reason though, they never went back for the trailer. Maybe the owner of the barn eventually sold what was there or something, but there’s a part of me that likes to think their trailer is still sitting somewhere, full of old treasures they never got to use, waiting to be found. 🙂


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