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Weathering the storm

Citrus CountyThis quaint cabin has dual entrances for guests who were traveling through the area, or visiting the nearby fishing camp. Thanks to local, Shannon Lee Burns, for help with identification, background, and vintage image of this historic property:

“The several small cottages were built in the mid-1920s on a fish camp for Lake Magnolia. In the 30’s several small houses from nearby¬†were added to the complex. This was one of the first motels for the burgeoning auto oriented Florida tourist trade and it included a communal bath house and a restaurant. I believe six of the cottages still exist.”

You can visit Shannon’s project called the “Real Old Florida” here

[Citrus County, FL c. 1920’s]

citrus co orig


Growth and Decay


Just steps from where the railroad tracks used to run, this proud tree grows as a collapsed Masonic Lodge sits in ruin beside it. As the two have aged together, I imagine the lives, stories and changes they have seen. As one grows and the other decays in this rural ghost town, I wonder what stories they might have to share.


[Collapsed Corrugated Tin Roof ]


[Original 19th century pine, brick and Spanish Moss. Old Florida at its finest!]


[One of the appliances left inside the collapsed Lodge]


[Rotting boards of the original Masonic Lodge with a view of the newer (and also abandoned) Masonic Lodge c. 1950’s]

[Alachua County, FL c. 1880’s]

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