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There is a story here…

Tucked back in a Cabernet vineyard in prime Napa real estate, sits this forgotten home. Once the residence of grape farmers, the development of real estate in the area probably forced this structure into disuse. The surrounding homes begin in the $7 million dollar range, fostering a market with very little interest in restoring a no-frills place like this one. It sits now as a hidden marker from a different time in the Napa Valley.

And although the neighbors might not care about the dilapidated structure, there is a story here. There were a family of farmers who were dedicated and attached to the fruit which was farmed here. They may have been wine-making pioneers. They had children. They survived by the grapes grown in this very soil. And then they left. Perhaps on to bigger and better homes, perhaps in to financial problems or maybe just in to a different lifestyle. But they managed to leave behind two trucks (both 1950’s Dodges), assorted farming equipment, smudgepots and a two-story home filled with furniture and other artifacts.

It’s clear that someone has invested massive resources in to continuing to farm and harvest this land, but nothing has been done to rehabilitate or demolish this old home. I can’t help but wonder what happened to the family that lived here. Where they might be now and why they moved in such a hurry that they left behind so many of their things which had once been such a big part of their lives. Stay tuned as I continue to research this property and what happened to its occupants. I just know there is a good story here.

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