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  1. Mike Miller says :

    I enjoy your work and see your photos primarily on Facebook. I have a Florida travel website and also take many of my own photos, though without your skill. How would I go about being able to use some of your photos from time to time?


    • Kelly says :

      Hi Mike! Thanks so much for your message. I really appreciate you asking first as many do not have the courtesy to do so!

      You are more than welcome to use my photos on your site, all I ask is that below the photo there be a caption that says ‘copyright Far Enough Photo.’ Additionally, if you’d like to add a link to my Facebook Page or blog so people can follow up, I’d really appreciate it.

      Please send me a link to your page(s) so I can follow along!


  2. Kathy says :

    Kelly, your photos are fantastic! I’ve always been interested in historic architecture & am especially fascinated by abandoned buildings – who lived there? how were they allowed to decay like this? why weren’t they preserved? So many questions. What really caught my eye were the abandoned asylum, the theme park & the antebellum style school house.. Can you tell me where they are? I live in Ocala & feel they may not be far away. Thanks!
    Kathy Carlson

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  3. davidbwrites2 says :

    Morning Kelly, while doing some research for a short story I’m working on, I came across your site, and the photos of Ellaville Florida, where my story will take place. I spent so much time in it that I finally had to bookmark the site for a return visit, and get on with my work. Great site and wonderful photos. In the three years I have been blogging I have never linked another blog to my WordPress Reader, but I just linked yours. Thanks a lot…

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  4. Nadine Francis says :

    I was born and raised in central Florida, spent my summers in Longwood which is almost completely gone now. We used to sit on the porch every evening after supper and watch the train go by and snatch the mailbag off the hook. You could just about set your pocketwatch to it. I went back a few years ago and nobody even knew that there was a sawmill (where I used to play with the goats) there or weren’t familiar with my families name of the people who had the saw mill. Such a shame, what a wonderful experience it was and you great photos bring it all back. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  5. Mike Miller says :

    Thanks, Kelly. That wasn’t a complaint about you; just an observation about the world of digital communication in general. Facebook also has a feature where somebody who isn’t a “friend” can contact you. Unless you know where the contact is filed, it might take months before you notice it. At least that’s what happened to me. I probably need lessons to get up to date in the twenty-first century.


    • Kelly says :

      I just noticed that a few months ago on Facebook where I went to check my messages and noticed an ‘Other’ folder with a bunch of (mainly spam) messages, but a few legitimate ones too. I try to check the ‘Other’ folder more regularly now, but I know most people don’t even know about it!


  6. David B says :

    Love the site! I’m loving both the Florida and NorCal pics. I used to live in Petaluma (Sonoma County) and am in the Tampa area now. Looks like we have some similar travels!!!


  7. Jim Powell Jr says :

    This is Jim Powell with the Alachua County Virtual Cemetery Project. Can you let me know where this is in Alachua County? We can’t have every stone without every stone.


    • Kelly says :

      Hi Jim Powell! I am not sure which Alachua County site you are inquiring about because I post almost weekly a new (old) site from our beautiful county. Please send me a private message at and I would be happy to give you additional information on any site that you’d like to know more about. And by the way, thanks for your awesome work, I use your data often in my research of these sites!


  8. Linda Everson Kasicki says :

    I am enjoying your great photos…I, too live in an old house. For years I lied (without knowing) that my house was from the early 1880’s…that’s what I was told, but after researching ourselves, we found the original house had burned. This house is from 1893-4…BUT, we have pictures of the original house.There is too much to include here, but if you are interested, please email me and i will explain.


  9. Karen Fuquay says :

    You posted a photo of a house in Suwannee County-white one story farm house, 2 chimneys under trees. Could you email me the location? It looks remarkably like my Grandparent’s home-which has been dismantled. I wondered if someone had copied the way their (grandparents) house was made larger-when the basic log cabin was out-grown. Love your work!


  10. Ginny Speaks says :

    Found your excellent work while Googling abandoned churches. I am interested in salvaging old abandoned churches and moving them to a piece of land I purchased to give them new life and purpose. Do you think we could connect and discuss this adventure?


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